Updating Dataset of Crystal Report without renaming the DataSet

Hi there,

Few days ago i was working with crystal reports, i made an updation in Dataset but it does not reflect in report. I browsed the problem, found many ways none work for me except renaming or removing old dataset and adding it again which result in removal of all the fields of reports. If your report contains 35-40 fields you surely don't wanna do that.

After using Hit and Trial method i be able to find a way that works for me and that is:

1. Update your Data Set and build the solution.
2. Close the visual studio without verifying the database.
3. Open Visual Studio, go to that report and click Verify Database.
4. This should open a window which will ask you to provid DataSet for that report, assign the old DataSet (which now will be updated) and OK.
5. Check the fields by viewing Field Explorer and yeah! It is updated

Hope it will work for you as it worked for me.

Happy Coding!


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